Romance Roulette

I wrote her a love poem
She said it needed more punctuation
The spacing was off

I met her at a lounge
and bought her Chardonnay
Took her home
and played her Marvin Gaye
She wouldn’t stay
It was past her bed time

Days, weeks, months
Dinner, lunch
All the while
questions posing


I am not a journalist
She sold insurance
Risk management
She probably voted for Trump
I never asked

I just wanted to fill her glass
and palm her ass
Honeyed hips
and dimples
Her smile lit rooms
With eyes like wild flowers
in bloom
I longed to kiss her

She taught me how to dance
She believed in romance
To love is to woo
Light pockets wouldn’t let me do
what I wanted to

She took me gambling
Gave me a free chip
I lost it on the first turn
She sat in my lap
As the roulette wheel kept spinning
she lost everything

I shared a dream with her
She didn’t believe
That was enough for me

I would edit but
She doesn’t know the significance of a period.

Author: DJ Boss Player

A lover of music and all people...

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