It Will Never Be…

This poem will never be
what I want it to be

I will never be
who I want to be

It is what is
I am
who I am

I will never be Jay-Z
I will never be Puff Daddy
I will never be Bill Gates
I will never be Jeff Bezos

I can only be me
imperfect, jaggedly shaped me

I’m fluid but firm
Fire but water
Angry yet calm
Friendly yet bothered

My dreams will never come true
I may not live to see tomorrow
But I’ve made love to gorgeous women
Spent a few dollars
Seen far away lands
And laid back in my ancestral village

If I die today I’ve lived a life
some men dream of
But I’m not where I want to be
I don’t have what I want
Will I get it? Probably not
But I’ll live until I die trying

By Thomas Agbonyitor

Author: DJ Boss Player

A lover of music and all people...

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