It’s Time For Universal Healthcare

Universal healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. We are all human beings in need of help sometimes. Healthcare should not be sold on the market like a commodity. Allowing people to suffer and die because they can’t afford healthcare is inhumane. The only reason we don’t have universal healthcare like most industrialized nations is because of powerful healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and classist and racist people in our country. It’s time for us to stop the BS in this country and demand change.

Choux Pastry Heart

Choux pastries at French restaurants are always en vogue with beautiful mademeoiselles. But, for me, unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, it seems as if it’s my destiny for the person taking the picture to always change. Well, at least I had dessert. Really, I’m looking for food more everlasting, or maybe a good cook, or maybe manna from Heaven, something to fill my soul. For now, I am lost. Yet, I will soldier forward, praying for the day I find my soul’s counterpart, and complete the picture we decide to never take.

I Have a Dream that Black People Would Care about More than a Chicken Sandwich

It’s the 56th anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. I know a lot of us may have forgotten amongst this chicken sandwich craze.

Dr. King’s life is truly evidence that one man can make a difference. Think about how different the world would be if MLK had chosen to fold and not take a stand. We might still be in segregation or worse. Who knows? The great thing is we will never know and us blacks can appreciate our closer to equal rights, nice cars, flat screen TVs, WiFi and iPhones just like our white brethren. And, of course, we can’t forget those chicken sandwiches.

On this anniversary, I challenge you to think about what differences you are making in your own life and then in your family’s and then in your community’s and then in your city’s and then in your state’s and then in your country’s and then in the world’s.

Our reach may not be as long as Dr. King’s but no man or woman is an island and we can all touch someone. We can smile at someone. We can give someone a kind word. We can give someone a meal. We can give someone a shirt. We can give someone shelter. There is so much we can do. I was taught the true measure of a Christian is not how much money or women he has but how many people he has helped.

Let’s imagine for a moment how scared Dr. King must have felt when he embarked on his Civil Rights journey. When he shared his vision, he faced a lot of rejection, initially. Most of the churches rejected his revolutionizing from the pulpit. But, slowly, they came around. Eventually, he captivated then nation, then the world.

His story gives me courage because I have faced a lot of rejection in my career. I have thrown events where nobody showed up. I have texted a bunch of promoters about DJing their parties and I still haven’t even gotten a text back. I’ve been through personal battles, struggles and death threats but I’m still here. I’m still spreading love and positivity because that is who I am and who I will always be. And, God willing, I will reach the mountain top of my desires. And, if I don’t, at least I can say I didn’t give up. Can you?

Either way, it’s all good, at least you had a chicken sandwich.

Dear American Citizen:

Can we please stop fighting each other over politics? None of this matters. Democrat vs Republican vs Independent vs Green Party, etc. It does not matter.

They all serve the same banks, lobbyists, special interests, etc, who give them $100,000, $150,000, $200,000 donations, etc, to pass certain legislation beneficial to them, thus making them more money. CNN doesn’t talk about this because they serve the same special interests.

It’s all a show. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s capitalism. America is a money making machine and the elite have gotten very good at it. Politicians do not care about you at all. Zero. All they care about is being rich and powerful, having their brownstone house, their condo on the beach, their town car gassed and private school for their kid, so they can be rich and powerful like them.

Your best bet is to get money and take care of yourself and your loved ones because no one is going to help you, especially these politicians. I reiterate: They do not care.

How do I know? Because I have lobbyist and politician friends on Capitol Hill who told me so. You guys think drug dealers are gangsters. You’ve got it twisted. Politicians are the biggest gangsters on the planet. They’ll kill 10,000 people with a pen stroke and a smile and lie about it on national TV and get away with it and sleep like babies.

I almost don’t even blame politicians. If someone paid you $100,000 to pass a bill and 100,000 people voted for you not to, but didn’t pay you anything, who would you listen to? You better believe that most politicians would deposit that check. And chances are you would too. It’s get your own, handle your own out here. Survival of the fittest. It’s just the facts of life.

Dear Black People:

My Pops always said that racism is definitely real but don’t use it as an excuse for failure. Even in slavery times, if Blacks were exceptional they could win their freedom. So, don’t get a chip on your shoulder.

Simplify the problem. The best way to get back at racist people or people who hate you is to be successful. So, instead of dwelling on negativity, focus everyday on ways to become successful and you will be.

Obviously, slavery was wrong and it was evil. That goes without saying. And, I’m not trying to assign blame because that’s not the point and that’s not helpful. I’m trying to give you a solution. Racism is an obstacle. So, overcome it. There’s a famous saying that goes life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Newsflash: old rich racist white people are not going to help you. People don’t give away power. It just doesn’t happen. You have to take the power into your own hands. And, guess what, white people have obstacles too. Suffering is universal to the human condition. There are no excuses in life. Either, you get it done. Or, you don’t. And, you have no one to blame but yourself if you are unhappy with your life because you and God alone have the power to change it. It comes down to choice. Overcome racism or succumb to it. The choice is yours and yours alone.