Common Logic

[The day I met Logic in 2010 at WMUC]

In case you didn’t know, Logic made the song “Common Logic/Midnight Marauder” off his mixtape Welcome to Forever for me. I told him back then Midnight Marauders was the first album I ever bought, which made me fall in love with music and was probably the reason I was a hip hop head and a DJ at all. He made me a couple other songs too, which sit on my hard drive that I’ve never shared.

Most people don’t know the extent of me and Logic’s relationship. Back then, on the come up, he was dead broke. I bought him food pretty much every day. I bought him a phone and paid the bill so he could make and keep connections. I drove him to studios, record labels, shows, etc and never asked for gas money. I bought him his 1st pair of Jordans like he said in that Complex interview plus other clothing. He slept at my house when he had no place to go some nights. Basically, I was his main source of support. It was me and Big Lenbo who held him down.

I still don’t know why he cut me off entirely. I left the team because I didn’t feel the vibe. I knew they were going to blow up too but I wasn’t feeling the energy. If my heart’s not in it, the rest of me will leave soon afterwards. He offered to pay me bread but I didn’t even want money. I just wanted to preserve the connection so I could build off it.

But, he hasn’t texted me back for years and conveniently left me out of his Rapture documentary, even though we worked together and I DJ’d with him every day for about two years and was eventually named President of Operations. I still haven’t watched the documentary. I can’t explain his cold shoulder. My friends theorize but I guess you’ll have to ask him. I suppose some people don’t like to share credit or the spotlight. Keep in mind, I did nothing negative to this man.

At the end of the day, I’m happy a young man like Logic who came from nothing and worked so hard, now has something. He earned it. And I’m proud I played a big part in it, whether or not I get credit. The people who were there will never deny what it was.

The Lord works in mysterious ways lol. All the lessons I’ve learned were preparation for the team I’m working with now. I believe in showing vs. telling. Just keep watching lol. I believe God’s greatness along with mine and my team’s will be evident. My story is far from finished. I’m just beginning. No matter what happens, with God and my ancestors guiding me, I’ll be very happy with my word and honor in tact. With my infinite blessings, there is only room for gratefulness to God, no hate.

Romance Roulette

I wrote her a love poem
She said it needed more punctuation
The spacing was off

I met her at a lounge
and bought her Chardonnay
Took her home
and played her Marvin Gaye
She wouldn’t stay
It was past her bed time

Days, weeks, months
Dinner, lunch
All the while
questions posing


I am not a journalist
She sold insurance
Risk management
She probably voted for Trump
I never asked

I just wanted to fill her glass
and palm her ass
Honeyed hips
and dimples
Her smile lit rooms
With eyes like wild flowers
in bloom
I longed to kiss her

She taught me how to dance
She believed in romance
To love is to woo
Light pockets wouldn’t let me do
what I wanted to

She took me gambling
Gave me a free chip
I lost it on the first turn
She sat in my lap
As the roulette wheel kept spinning
she lost everything

I shared a dream with her
She didn’t believe
That was enough for me

I would edit but
She doesn’t know the significance of a period.

Kiss from a Rose

Girls always want more flowers
until the final rose on the grave

Fear died and hope lived
when I kissed her the first time
Her lips opened my eyes
to the galaxies within
and the Universe without

Fire burned in the absinth/absence
of her presence
A constant surprise gift
Holding her but still missed

She asked where she was
I could not see her
Staring into space in front of me
She sees someone else

For this
there is no cure

Coal World, No Blanket

Once again
at the altar

A promised bride
with no ring
She ran away with my imagination

Quiet as kept
I pray there
for Yang

My heart sang once before
Infidelity stole its voice
There goes that imagination

All in good time
they preach

I listen
No more incandescence
Embers darken

The moon glows
The stars shine
I walk silently
seeing my own breath

Waiting for the one
to take it away


Light and peace
Pure clouds
Rarefied air

Those who dared love Him
are home

Will never be alone
or need

As Adam’s successors
we succeeded
and exceeded
great expectations

Love and hate
We chose the former
Guards at Heaven’s gate
keep out the latter

Anything no longer matters
We are safe
to hug

No longer embodied
our spirits interact without fear

The end no longer draws near
Time’s blade dissipated
There is nothing to be anticipated
for the culmination of existence is here

Forever with and of God
Joined in spirit
until we redescend to earth
No more labor at Kingdom’s birth

We walk blissfully
enjoying all fruits
with none excluded


There is Godly wisdom
and ignorance
The first step is fearing Him

I suppose we must build
and dams

We must heal the sick
count things
and write

But if you know not of God
you are damned
What does it gain a man the world
if he loses his soul?

some of my wrongs
help me write these poems
Without them I am not me
With them I am flawed

Do you see the beauty in your reflection?

It’s the scars
They tell stories
of healing
and triumph over pain
you can’t have the same scar

You only get one life
So, write
a tale to be remembered for time
And pray that there’s a punchline
when you