Nothing Lasts Forever

Holding my breath
submerged beneath the ocean
I blew bubbles to the surface
and swam to the top

I treaded water there
surrounded by everything and nothing

I felt God’s presence
in the awesome calmness of the water
and in my breath
that I could see in the cold air

I saw a shark swimming towards me
I swam to the safety of the boat
Catching my breath on the floor
salt water dripping from my limbs

Nothing lasts forever

By Thomas Agbonyitor



Life breeds pain
Struggle is its essence

God expelled us from the garden
to toil the earth
Women must feel pain at birth

We wake up to study, work and chore
Most of of it seems a bore
Sleep is a Godsend
Some of life’s greatest moments
happen while dreaming
But every now and then
we live our dreams while awake

We take a flight to a beach
and galavant on the shore
We dance the night away
with a beautiful girl or boy

Sometimes joy is just
laying on a couch
watching a show
Or diving into a slice of pizza
or an ice cream cone

The height of heights
is the touch of a significant other
that you longed for

Joy can just be the hope
of so much more
because we don’t know what’s in store

I think the greatest joy would be
to get the answer to the great questions
and see God’s face
Then finally we might feel
we’ve found our place

By Thomas Agbonyitor

King’s Lair

Savagery surrounded me.
In a den of fierce lions, I was home.
Not alone, He was with me.

Snarling teeth, sharp claws, roars.
I was the toast and the main course.
They hated me for my righteousness.

Some named me demon.
But everyone felt me
some type of way.

I could not fight or flee.
That choice was taken from me
so God carried me away.

He delivered me from the snares
of torturous death to salvation,
all because I lived as a child of God
and the blame was not mine to carry.

Painting by Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Flemish 1577-1640

By Thomas Agbonyitor


Born with a rebel yell
I emerged upon the scene
Silence quelled the spirits

He was a special child
Reflecting on times of yore
My innocence was taken for granted
My unbridled passion moved me

to the forest
to the field
to the sea

I smelled like outside
When I discovered full showers
I discovered women

Watching movies
And drinking OJ
were the only aphrodisiacs I needed

I discover women still
With every page I turn
I see myself

Now I worry about money and bills
I miss the thrill of a long night out
that never became tomorrow

At tomorrow’s end
I long for the days of
yesterday’s presence
and the perfection of today’s existence
but am filled with sorrow

By Thomas Agbonyitor

Driving in My Car With Girls

Jump in the car and let’s float.
My vessel was a ferry boat
to sin sensation.

With you riding shotgun,
the sun was around at night.
It reflected off the moon
as it glowed on us.

The kaleidoscope in my mind
of these women riding around with me
is ghostly.
Now that these seats are empty,
I solemnly reflect on times past,
bad chicks twerking in the backseat
with no gas.

I was a king amongst men, searching
for the perfect woman,
searching for the one to be
my ride or die.

Lollygagging and galavanting
are pure joy in the summer.
Sweat dripping from our bodies
as we ride with the windows down,
playing our favorite song.

I was told not to love too easy,
but failed almost every time.
At least while riding shotgun,
they were mine.

By Thomas Agbonyitor

We Were Animals

Born of blood and pain
Savagery was the game

Pack animals
Wolves on the hunt

Huddled in tribes
Dancing to our native rhythms

We hungered for more
Searching for God in nature
But our nature was godliness

We planted
We cultivated
We built
We dressed up in fine cloths
We made machines more powerful than us
We became slaves to the money we made
All the while yearning
For a return to the watering hole

To a spear
To flesh
To blood

A rebel yell from the soul
A primitive scream
Murder, death, kill
A nightmare made real

Since the beginning of time
We’ve raped and pillaged
The Spartans threw weak babies off cliffs
Men do not know the definition of peace

We made love to our women
With unbridled passion
The fire that burns for them
Is unquenchable
Our aggression in bed
Is evidence of God’s true savagery

Therein lies the secret
God is holy
But he also made the devil
Everything comes from Him
Including the savagery of it all
We were made in His image
So to be savage is to be God

By Thomas Agbonyitor

Red sea

Lost in a world of nothingness
Delusions trap my mind

Drowning in a sea of internal tears
I can’t swim to the surface

I choke on my own saltwater
I spit up blood

It envelopes me like a flame
Now I’m swimming in a red ocean of blues

The blood, thick with poison
Serenades me
It cradles me to sleep

I dream of a dew dripped,
sun kissed meadow, hereafter

But wake up drowning.

By Thomas Agbonyitor

A Reflection

There is no power in Blackness
There is only power in you and me

Blackness is not real
White men made it to keep us in chains
Igbo, Yoruba, Ewe
Our tribes are our identities
The Atlantic Ocean washed us into one blood

So now here we are
Joined in color
A shared history
of overcoming adversity

Malcolm X
Harriet Tubman
The list goes on
of individuals putting us on

Imagine one million MLKs
marching on the mall
Or one million Harriet Tubmans
freeing themselves

Nowadays with Google and hard work
you can free yourself
So, why aren’t we free?

By Thomas Agbonyitor