My first contribution to the blogosphere is about one of the most highly reviewed hip-hop albums in 2017 thus far, Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.”

The best thing about the album is that it sounds better played in reverse order than forward.  The first time I played it in reverse it was like unlocking the door into a whole new world or like going through the wardrobe into Narnia.  It gave DAMN. a whole new feeling, as prescribed.

I’m not a fan of the title of the album or its artwork, which I believe are not befetting the LP’s supreme level of content.

My favorite track off of the album is “ELEMENT.”  On that record, the build up to when the beat drops, as Kendrick proclaims he “does it for Compton,” is roller coaster worthy.  And when he talks about making slapping a pussy ass nigga “look sexy” in the hook, I could visualize users Snapchatting away with that chorus in the background.

On a more serious note, on “XXX.”, Kendrick maximized his feature of U2, who’s hook was brief but enchanting.  “LOVE.” and “LOYALTY.” speak beautifully of the artist’s desire for the truth.  And on “DNA.” and “DAMN.” Kendrick unleashes his aggressive side that he attributes to his DNA and Compton.

Kendrick truly is a hip-hop beast and this album definitely lives up to its top billing.  As a DJ, I also appreciated Kid Capri’s contribution to the album, as he is widely considered one of the greatest hip-hop DJ’s of all time.

All in all, my Boss Review of the album is a 9 out of 10.  Well done Kendrick.  We are hungry for more.  And, right now, hip-hop needs your voice, which is full of content that hip-hop is sorely lacking.


Author: DJ Boss Player

A lover of music and all people...

3 thoughts on “DAMN. GOOD.”

  1. Kendrick needs way more tonality in his voice before I would say hip hop needs his voice. Maybe lyrics, etc. Solid review. Any thoughts on Logic and Wale?


    1. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the tone of Kendrick’s voice. Either way, I believe his content is so potent it’s almost irrelevant. Let’s focus on what’s important guy. Umkay? Yes, I will probably review both Logic’s and Wale’s projects soon.


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