Salvator Mundi

I know a man who’s an island
I’m floating right here
In an empty sea of frost bitten darkness
Never touched

A black hole
Sucking in space
Destroying stars around me

What’s the theory of relativity
When boomerangs don’t come back?

I’d love to play catch
But people can’t throw
Or no one wants to throw to me
Or catch

Feelings are the devil

Never understood
They swirl in a caldron of pain
That is my entity

Paint me a picture
Write me a symphony
They all come out the same

Say you understand
But we could never feel the same
Probably because I’m insane
Writing/Writhing in pain
With no one to blame

If you could feel me
I probably wouldn’t like that

I’m Mona Lisa
Not smiling
On the Louvre wall
Don’t touch of the art!

We long to capture the beauty
To be the admirer, painter and subject
All at once
Would be divine

Running through and out of
Space and time
Everything is sublime
Except me

Wherefore art thou Juliet?
I long for the day we met
And lay in serene serendipity
Living forever
Neither swallowing poison
Nor feuding

Musings from my muse
Would be salvation
As Salvator Mundi
Through excavation
I finally see

By Thomas Agbonyitor


Author: DJ Boss Player

A lover of music and all people...

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