I’m Back Watching the NFL

I wrote this on Facebook back in January. And, this is my first season coming back to the NFL. I’m happy to be back.

“I stopped watching the NFL back in 2017 when no team would sign Kaepernick after he opted out of his contract, due to his, now famous, peaceful kneeling protest.

Don’t let haters fool you. He was still good enough to play in the NFL when no one would pick him up. The blatant racism was outrageous to me. I couldn’t even watch a game, not even Super Bowls. The mere thought made me sick.

At this point, a lot has transpired since then. Mainly, Kaepernick got a $40 million endorsement deal with Nike. And, he sued the NFL and won a settlement for an undisclosed amount. The fact is nobody, even an NFL star, can work for an organization they once sued. So, it’s safe to say Kaepernick will never play in the NFL again, which leaves me with a dilemma…

I said I would never watch an NFL game again until Kaepernick was signed to a team. Since that’s not likely to happen, should I abstain? But, it seems as if Kaepernick is thriving as a philanthropist and activist. Plus, the NFL came out in support of Black Lives Matter like a lot organizations and companies did after the George Floyd tragedy.

I don’t know y’all. I think I’m about to start watching the NFL again…”


Author: DJ Boss Player

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