Life breeds pain
Struggle is its essence

God expelled us from the garden
to toil the earth
Women must feel pain at birth

We wake up to study, work and chore
Most of of it seems a bore
Sleep is a Godsend
Some of life’s greatest moments
happen while dreaming
But every now and then
we live our dreams while awake

We take a flight to a beach
and galavant on the shore
We dance the night away
with a beautiful girl or boy

Sometimes joy is just
laying on a couch
watching a show
Or diving into a slice of pizza
or an ice cream cone

The height of heights
is the touch of a significant other
that you longed for

Joy can just be the hope
of so much more
because we don’t know what’s in store

I think the greatest joy would be
to get the answer to the great questions
and see God’s face
Then finally we might feel
we’ve found our place

By Thomas Agbonyitor


Author: DJ Boss Player

A lover of music and all people...

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